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Ethereum Price Analysis 2020 | Long & Short Terms

1D Chart Short Term

1Week Chart Long Term

Key Support Levels: 288, 264, 245, 225 USD

Key Resistance Levels: 350, 395, 450 USD

Etereum Price Analysis, Ethereum price break out weekly downtrend line so Ethereum current saturation is bullish. Ethereum price break 250 USD resistance level and (ETH) price hold above 250 USD level. Then I can expect short term (ETH) price next target touch to 445 USD Level.

Ethereum Price Long Term Analysis, Ethereum price break 445 USD resistance level and hold above 445 USD then I can expect (ETH) next touch to 800 USD resistance Level.


Ethereum Price Analysis More Details:

Ethereum saw an amazing 17.3% value blast this week, which permitted the coin to hit the $275 level. In like manner, Ethereum began the week off by exchanging at the lower limit of a triangle. Be that as it may, this was a rising triangle development.

From that point, ETH bounced back higher as it broke over the top of the triangle at $250 to turn the market bullish. In the wake of breaking over the triangle, ETH proceeded above solid obstruction at $265 (bearish .886 Fib Retracement) to reach as high as $280.

Looking forward, if the bulls raid forward, opposition lies at $280 and $287 (2020 high). This is trailed by included opposition at $294 and $300. On the opposite side, the main degree of solid help lies at $265. This is trailed by included help at $250 and $240.

Ethereum Price Analysis 2020 – Next Targets Update

Key Support Levels: 254, 245, 238, 230, 225, 215

Key Resistance Levels: 274, 280, 285. 305, 317 

Ethereum Bullish, I have already ethereum price analysis post and get all previous targets archives and amazing profit. The next ethereum price touch to 274-77 USD levels. And I Expect ethereum price to reversal to 245-254 USD levels.

Ethereum Price Analysis More Details:

Ether’s (ETH) up-proceed onward July 21 has conveyed it near the overhead obstruction zone of $249.195–$253.556. In the event that the bulls can push the cost over the zone, the following leg of the upswing is probably going to continue.

The principal target is a convention to $288.599, which may go about as opposition however in the event that the bulls can clear this obstacle, the second-positioned digital currency on CoinMarketCap is probably going to stretch out the meeting to $366.

On the other hand, if the bulls neglect to move the ETH/USD pair above $254.556, a couple of more long stretches of range-bound activity is likely. The pattern will turn for the bears if they help at $216.006 gives way.

Ethereum Price Analysis 2020 – USD Pair & BTC Pair

Ethereum Analysis USD Pair

Support Leves: $225, $217, $210. Resistance Levels: $245, $250, $262. Ethereum analysis: A week ago, ETH dropped from the $245 opposition, which made it fall into the rising help pattern line that has been in play since late-April. Throughout the end of the week, Ethereum figured out how to hold this help and skipped higher from that point to come to the $240 level. ETH has since fallen marginally to reach $238 today. Staying over the helpline is a solid positive sign for ETH as it proposes the uptrend is as yet alive at this moment.


Buy Range 240-243 USD

Sell Targets

245 USD

247 USD

252 USD

Stop Loss: 235 USD

Call Type: short term

Call Date: 7/21/2020

Note: Sale Buy In Your Own Risk

Ethereum Analysis BTC Pair

Support Levels: 0.0253 BTC, 0.025 BTC, 0.0241 BTC. Resistance Levels: 0.0263 BTC, 0.0266 BTC, 0.027 BTC. Take a look at the PA around 0.025870 sats level. Now we just broke it upwards and taking hold above. Mentioned a few targets for an upward movement on the chart. Looking forward, the first level of protection from defeat is at 0.0263 BTC. Over this, the following test is found at 0.0266 BTC (bearish .886 Fib Retracement), 0.0273 BTC, and 0.0278 BTC (2020 high). On the opposite side, the principal level of help is found at 0.0253 BTC. Underneath this, bolster lies at 0.025 BTC (.236 Fib Retracement), 0.0241 BTC (.382 Fib Retracement), and 0.0234 BTC (.5 Fib Retracement). The RSI is over the 50 lines to show bullish energy inside the market, and the Stochastic RSI delivered a bullish hybrid that should assist with pushing ETH higher against BTC.


Buy Range 0.02590-0.02608 satoshi

Sell Targets

0.02627 satoshi

0.02671 satoshi

0.02706 satoshi

Stop Loss: 0.02557 satoshi

Call Type: Short term

Call Date: 7/21/2020

Note: Sale Buy In Your Own Risk