Bitcoin Price Analysis 2021 | Short & Mid Term Updates

Bitcoin Price Analysis 2021 | Short & Mid Term Updates

1 Day Chart Short & Mid Term 

Usd to Bitcoin Pair

Key Support Levels: 27500 Usd – 24000 usd – 20000 Usd – 17500Usd.

Key Resistance Levels: 29000 Usd – 32000 Usd 35000 Usd.

Bitcoin Price Analysis, Bitcoin current saturation is bearish. Bitcoin price touch to 34500 – 34600 Usd price level and then start to dwon trend and bitcoin price cross over MACD line show this chart. And bitcoin price RSI is over bot then current RSI 75 -76. So i can expect bitcoin price start dwon trend so i have decide to open a small feature short postion.

Bitcoin Feature Short Postion:

Open Postion Range : 32000 – 33000 USd

Sell Targets : 30000 – 29000 – 28000 Usd

Stop Loss : 35000 Usd 

Note : Buy  Sell Your own Risk

Bitcoin Analysis more Details:

Bitcoin (BTC) has reliably been hitting new unequaled highs throughout the end of the week, yet the most recent flood has likewise made another high against gold, as indicated by MarketWatch information. This proposes that Bitcoin has been picking up acknowledgment as the new store of significant worth and that may draw in more clients from gold into Bitcoin.

Experts propose that the most recent convention above $30,000 might have been set off by forceful purchasing from institutional speculators on Coinbase, as recommended by the enormous premium of about $350 contrasted with the cost in Binance.

With the most recent assembly, Bitcoin hit a market capitalization of over $640 billion today, barely short of Alibaba, the 10th biggest organization regarding market cap, at $649.31 billion. In the interim, breaking $30,000 could be making FOMO among institutional speculators who have missed purchasing Bitcoin at lower levels.

Be that as it may, this purchasing should support to keep the upturn flawless since, supposing that the assembly slows down, some institutional speculators and force brokers who have bought at lower levels might be enticed to book benefits.

In the event that that occurs, it could pull the cost down rapidly and transform the new buys by financial specialists into a misfortune, bringing about a hurry to the exit. Consequently, merchants should be mindful and utilize appropriate danger the board systems to secure their paper benefits.

In the interim, how about we take a gander at the outlines of top-five digital currencies that could broaden their up-move if the assessment stays bullish

Bitcoin broke over the $30,000 overhead opposition on Jan. 2 and gotten force, which might have been because of a short press and kept purchasing from the energy dealers.

While an allegorical assembly gives outsized returns inside a brief timeframe, it additionally builds the chance of a sharp inversion that may find numerous dealers napping in light of the fact that after a particularly solid up-move, the cost could remember anyplace between 62% to 79% of the whole meeting.

In the event that that occurs, the BTC/USD pair could drop to the $20,000 mark, or a drop of over 30%, which right now looks inconceivable.

In a soften up, it is hard to foresee the level where the meeting may end since dealers keep on pursuing costs higher because of FOMO. The following specialized level which may go about as an obstruction is $37,000.

Shorting a convention since it is overbought on unsurpassed edges could be a losing suggestion on the grounds that, during a blowoff top, the cost could keep on excess overbought for any longer than most dealers anticipate.

Be that as it may, dealers who own long positions should utilize legitimate danger the board standards to secure their paper benefits and not move diverted by avarice.

4 Hours Chart


The 4-hour graph shows that the bulls are purchasing on plunges to the 20-dramatic moving normal. The bears have not had the option to break the 50-straightforward moving normal help since the cost broke above $20,000.

Hence, the main indication of shortcoming will be a break beneath the 20-EMA. Such a move will propose that dealers might be reserving benefits after the sharp convention. A more profound revision beneath the 50-SMA may flag a potential change in pattern.

There is a significant opposition at $37,000 yet on the off chance that that is crossed, the assembly could reach $40,000, which could again go about as a hardened obstruction.

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