Ethereum Price Analysis 2020 | Long & Short Terms

Ethereum Price Analysis 2020 | Long & Short Terms

1D Chart Short Term

1Week Chart Long Term

Key Support Levels: 288, 264, 245, 225 USD

Key Resistance Levels: 350, 395, 450 USD

Etereum Price Analysis, Ethereum price break out weekly downtrend line so Ethereum current saturation is bullish. Ethereum price break 250 USD resistance level and (ETH) price hold above 250 USD level. Then I can expect short term (ETH) price next target touch to 445 USD Level.

Ethereum Price Long Term Analysis, Ethereum price break 445 USD resistance level and hold above 445 USD then I can expect (ETH) next touch to 800 USD resistance Level.


Ethereum Price Analysis More Details:

Ethereum saw an amazing 17.3% value blast this week, which permitted the coin to hit the $275 level. In like manner, Ethereum began the week off by exchanging at the lower limit of a triangle. Be that as it may, this was a rising triangle development.

From that point, ETH bounced back higher as it broke over the top of the triangle at $250 to turn the market bullish. In the wake of breaking over the triangle, ETH proceeded above solid obstruction at $265 (bearish .886 Fib Retracement) to reach as high as $280.

Looking forward, if the bulls raid forward, opposition lies at $280 and $287 (2020 high). This is trailed by included opposition at $294 and $300. On the opposite side, the main degree of solid help lies at $265. This is trailed by included help at $250 and $240.

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