Litecoin Price analysis 2020 – Next Targets Update

Litecoin Price analysis 2020 – Next Targets Update

Key Support Levels: 242.70, 241.70, 241.34, 240.24

Key Resistance Levels: 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249.92

litecoin Analysis: I have already posted on litecoin price analysis and on my previous analysis post lite coin all targets achieved. litecoin price next targets on my analysis litecoin price hold above 44 USD levels and then show in the chart trend line breakout this trend line and next targets 247, 249.85 USD.

Litecoin Price Analysis More Details:

Litecoin (LTC) broke over the 20-day EMA ($43.13) on July 21, which shows that the bulls are attempting to make a rebound. The primary indication of solidarity will be a breakout and close (UTC time) above $46 and the energy is probably going to get above $51.

On the off chance that the bulls neglect to move the eighth-positioned digital currency on CoinMarketCap above $46, the bears will make another endeavor to drag the cost to $39. A break underneath this help could begin another downtrend.

At present, both moving average has smoothed out and the RSI is near the midpoint, which proposes that the LTC/USD pair may broaden its stay inside the range for an of more days.

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